Welcome to Safe Haven Leeds

Founded in 2010, Safe Haven is a Leeds-based outreach charity.
Formed and run by a small dedicated team of people, the aim of Safe Haven is to offer practical help and support to people in the local community.
It is all too easy to fall through the cracks of society and find yourself in crisis, often through no fault of your own or because of a sudden change in circumstances. Increasingly both individuals and entire families require help to remain in the community or to create a foothold within that community. Safe Haven hopes to be able to help as many of these people as possible through donations of time, goods and money.

Our mission statement is to:

Provide practical help and support for anyone in the local community, regardless of race or religion.

Offer the necessities of life and – in conjunction with the appropriate agencies – help improve the quality of life and maintain a safe environment.

Encourage people within the local community to participate in whatever way they are able, to help those around them in desperate circumstances.