Let’s Stop Domestic Violence

It sounds an easy pulpit on which to stand doesn’t it? “Yeah, Yeah we’ve heard it all before” the cynical response from the person who on hearing automatically revisits their own past memory (which replays its self uncontrollably by now anyway) knowing that at that time there was no help, it was impossible, it was something they just had to put up with. Not Necessarily! If enough of us will stand together against this Evil in our midst, we would not now be standing under this avalanche of need and desperation.

We at Safe Haven believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, God The Father and in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. We believe that it is only God himself that is going to bring forth a resolution to this problem in society. The Councils and Government bring about their best policies and we collectively try to deal with the aftermath. Physically its impossible, we know we can all agree about that! So what is left?

Will you join with us and on a more Spiritual level because ‘Only God can do this’. Pray with us. Meet with us. Talk to us. Lets get our heads together on this and make a difference. People need leading out of their plights by a movement united with one goal. When you’re in a dark room and you cant see you’re way out, you need someone to hold out a light and show you the way, you need something to trust in so much that you will bypass your own despair and allow yourselves to consider the possibility of a solution. If we believe ourselves then so will they, and they will come to rely on the strength and belief that we have, as they see something in us that they don’t have themselves.